HR 99 DR Masood


HR 99 Homeopthic Drops for Nasal Drip (karia)


HR 99 DR Masood is optimally balanced formula that optimizes your immune system to help fight flu.
Kaira is an optimally balanced blend of carefully selected ingredients whose cumulative effect results in a broad-spectrum action against viral infections such as common cold and influenza.

Presentation: Bottle of 20 ml.

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HR 99 DR Masood Dosage: 20 drops after every 6 hours with water.

Note: Consult your Homoeopathic Doctor before taking this medication.

Adverse effects: Not reported.

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Natrum carbonicum:
Constant coryza obstruction of nose; bad smell of nasal secretion.
Posterior nasal catarrh, hawking much mucus from throat; worse, slightest draught.

Kali bichromicum:
Inflammation extends to frontal sinuses, with distress and fullness at root of nose.

Hydrastis Canadensis:
Thick, tenacious secretion from posterior nares to throat.
Watery, excoriating discharge.
Ozaena, with ulceration of septum.

Echinacea angustifolia:
Ulcerated sore throat.
Foul-smelling discharge, membranous formations protruding.

Sanguinaria Canadensis:
Nasal polypi, coryza, followed by diarrhoea.
Chronic rhinitis; membrane dry and congested.

Justicia adhatoda:
Dry cough from sternal region all over chest.
Paroxysmal cough, with suffocative obstruction of respiration.

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