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Buy Dr.Reckeweg R6 Drops for Cold, Flu (Influenza) Online

Dr.Reckeweg R6 Drops is an amazing German homeopathic medication to treat normal Cold, (flu). This plan tends to side effects of gentle viral contamination of the nose, throat, sinuses, and upper aviation routes that cause runny nose, wheezing, and nasal clog.

The clinical indication of R6 Drops

Dr.Reckeweg R6 Drops, Homeopathy Medicine for Cold, Flu is indicated in Acute feverish inflammations of the fibrous tissues and the serous membranes.? Gripfektan: Specific serious remedy, especially influenza. General infection with pain in the limbs, the sensation of prostration, dull headaches, restlessness. Dry and burning skin, acute pains. Feverish catarrh of the mucosa of the upper air-passages, rhinopharyngitis, influenza bronchitis, pneumonia, inflammation of the serous membranes, pleurisy, pericarditis, peritonitis, irritation of the peritoneum during inflammatory processes of the abdominal organs.

Composition of R6 Drops

Dr.Reckeweg R6 Drops, Homeopathy Medicine for Cold, Flu contains Bryonia D4, Camphora D3, Causticum Hahnem. D6, Baptisia D4, Eupator. Perfol. D3, Ferrum Phosphoric. D8, Gelsemium D6, Eucalyptus D3, Sabadilla D6, Aconitum D4,


Baptisia: Typhic fever, stupor and lethargy, cold, irritation of the mucous membranes.

Bryonia: Catarrhal fever, headaches, piercing pains, inflammation of the serous tissues.

Camphora: Analeptic, calmative.

Causticum: Sensation of the rawness of mucosa, hollow cough, weakness of the sphincter of the bladder.

Eucalyptus: General agitation and accelerated breathing, weariness and rigidity of limbs, headaches, fever.

Eupatorium perfoliatum: Fever with the sensation of prostration. Catarrhal inflammation of the upper air-passages with a tendency to cough and sensation of the rawness of mucosa.

Ferrum phosphoricum: Remedy for fever and inflammation, low pulse, rush towards the head. Especially effective in inflammations of the upper respiratory tracts and in bronchopneumonia.

Gelsemium: Congestive headaches, sleeplessness, shivering, and prostration.

Sabadilla: Convulsic stimulus of the sneezing center, burning cold stimulus of the coughing center, stitches on the chest.

Dosage of R6 Drops

Dr.Reckeweg R6 Drops, Homeopathy Medicine for Cold, Flu is indicated to be taken as follows in Acute illness with feverish tendency: 10 drops in some water every 15 to 30 minutes.? ? As soon as fever is abating (generally after 1-2 days) and perspiration appears, take the medicine every 1-2 hours 10-15 drops.? When fever has gone, take several days every 2-3 hours 10 drops in some water.? Prevention in influenza epidemics: 3-4 times a day 10-15 drops in some water.

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