HR 100 DR Masood


HR 100 Homeopathic Drops for Baby Teething


HR 100 DR Masood is Best Homoeopathic preparation for Dentition problems.
Relieves toothache by reducing gums swelling.
Useful for colic in children.

Presentation: Bottle of 20 ml.

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HR 100 DR Masood Dosage: 5 drops 2 times a day with fresh water for 3 month

Note: Consult your Homoeopathic Doctor before taking this medication.

Adverse effects: Not reported.

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Child peevishness, restlessness, and colic pain.
Soreness of anus. Diarrhoea during dentition.

Ferrum phosphoricum:
Vomiting of undigested food. Stools watery, bloody, undigested.
First stage of dysentery, with much blood in discharges.

Calcarea phosphoricum:
Indicated in tardy dentition and troubles.
Anaemic children who are peevish, flabby, have cold extremities and feeble digestion.

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