Strepsils Comfort Jar


Strepsils Comfort Honey & Lemon Lozenges Jar, 75 Ct

Great for cough and sore throat.
Active Ingredients
Each lozenge contains:

Menthol: 12.5 mg
Terpeneiess Lemon Oil: 2.36 mg
Peppermint Oil: 0.59 mg
Tartaric Acid: 21.72 mg
Honey: 100.89 mg
Edicol Tartrazine: 0.018 mg


Strepsils Comfort Jar – Your Soothing Companion for Throat Comfort!

Experience the soothing embrace of Strepsils Comfort Honey & Lemon Lozenges, expertly crafted to bring relief to your irritated throat. Packed with the comforting goodness of honey and the zesty freshness of lemon, these lozenges are a delightful remedy for those nagging coughs and scratchy throats.

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Key Features:

  1. Honey and Lemon Blend: Immerse yourself in the naturally soothing combination of honey and lemon. Let the sweetness of honey and the citrusy zing of lemon work in harmony to provide gentle relief to your sore throat.
  2. Throat Comfort: Whether it’s a change in weather, excessive talking, or just the need for a little TLC for your throat, Strepsils Comfort lozenges are here to ease your discomfort. Enjoy the instant relief that these lozenges provide, leaving your throat feeling calm and cared for.
  3. Long-Lasting Soothing Action: Each lozenge is designed for prolonged soothing, ensuring that you experience relief that lasts. Let the comforting effects linger, allowing you to get back to your day with ease.
  4. Convenient Jar Packaging: The Strepsils Comfort Honey & Lemon Lozenges come in a convenient jar, making them easy to store and access whenever you need them. Keep one at your desk, in your bag, or at home for instant relief on the go.
  5. Trusted Formula: Backed by the trusted Strepsils name, these lozenges are formulated to high-quality standards, ensuring that you receive a reliable and effective solution for throat discomfort.

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Say goodbye to throat woes and embrace the comforting relief of Strepsils Comfort Honey & Lemon Lozenges. Order your jar today and make every moment a soothing one!

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