HR 65 Dr Masood


HR 65 is good for better blood circulation.

دورانِ خون کو فعال کرنے کے لیے مفید۔


HR 65 Dr Masood is good for better blood circulation.

Indicated in peripheral vascular disturbances.
Effective for numbness of extremities in old age.
Recovers the bones and muscles weakness.
Useful for cramps in muscles.
Also improves the immunity.
Presentation: Bottle of 20 ml.


Poor Circulation: An inadequacy of blood flow. Inadequate blood flow to a particular area of the body can result in too little oxygen being delivered to that area, a condition known as hypoxia.


There are several different causes of poor circulation:

Peripheral artery disease
Blood clots
Varicose veins
Raynaud’s disease


The most common symptoms of poor circulation include:

Muscle cramps
Throbbing or stinging pain in your limbs
A feeling of coldness in the legs or feet
Poor wound healing in the legs or feet
HR 65 Dr Masood Indications:

The most common signs and symptoms of impaired circulation are

Cold feet and toes, feeling numb in certain parts of body especially the extremities, feeling tired or having lack of energy much of time
Some hair loss can be because of bad blood flow
Having regular dizzy spells
Skin get dry even though you take plenty of water
Swelling and water retention
Lumps in blood vessels and varicose veins
Headache, cramping, feeling a short of breath, poor blood flow may effect memory
Masood’s HR 65 plays its best role in all these symptoms, HR 65 improves blood circulation, increase oxygen, food supply to cells, reduces waste generated by tissues and improves immune system.


HR 65 contains Adrenalinum, Aesculus Hipp, Secale corr, Verarum Alb, and Zingiber Off. These all have various properties that help in synergistic way to give antithrombotic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects.

HR 65 acts as an agonist at alpha and beta-adrenergic receptors. It produces vasoconstriction to counteract the vasodilation and resulting hypotension associated with anaphylaxis. Its action on beta-adrenergic receptors causes bronchial smooth muscle relaxation and helps alleviate bronchospasm, wheezing and dyspnea that may occur during anaphylaxis.

HR 65 contains Aesculus Hipp which inhibits enzymes that are implicated in the pathogenesis of chronic venous insufficiency. It has been found to dose-dependently contract canine and human isolated saphenous veins, possibly due to preferential formation of the vasoconstrictive eicosanoid, PGF 2-alpha.

HR 65 has also been shown to increase femoral venous pressure and flow, decrease the formation of edema and to suppress plasma extravasation and leucocyte emigration into the pleural cavity in case of pleurisy. Purified escin in Horse chestnut has been shown to decrease histamine and serotonin-induced capillary hyperpermeability, increases venous tone, improves venous return, and reduces vascular permeability, all which lead to the clinical benefit of dependent edema reduction and impaired circulation.


Each 1ml contains:

Adrenalinum 6D 15% v/v
Aesculus Hipp 1D 20% v/v
Secale corr 6D 30% v/v
Verarum Alb 6D 20% v/v
Zingiber Off 1D 15% v/v
With excipients q.s.

Formula with properties:

Adrenalinum 6D: this medicine helps in impaired body functions.

Aesculus Hipp 1D: Aching and soreness in limbs, in left acromion process with shooting down arms; finger tips numb. When walking feet turn under. Soles feel sore, tired, and swell. Hands and feet swell, and become red after washing, feel full.

Secale corr 6D: This produces an anaemic condition, coldness, numbness, petechiae, mortification, and gangrene. Debility, anxiety, emaciation, though appetite and thirst may be excessive.

Verarum Alb 6D: collapse, with extreme coldness, blueness, and weakness, soreness and sensitiveness of joints, Cramps in calves. Neuralgia in brachial plexus; arms feel swollen, Wrinkling of skin of hands and feet.

Zingiber Off 1D: state of debility, weakness, shivering, varicose veins, pain in arms, can’t put complete sole on the floor.

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