Hand & Foot Whitening Cream – Double White

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Double White Hand & Foot Whitening Cream


Hand & Foot Whitening Cream is an ideal alternative to pricey manicures and pedicures for your hands and feet. Shea butter, olive oil, and a number of other natural multivitamins are included in the ointment to keep your cuticles and nails in good condition. Additionally, it contains marine salt, which aids in efficient hand washing.

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This Hand & Foot Whitening Cream will improve the appearance and feel of your palms because it contains vitamins, shea butter, almond oil, and sea salt. With this extraordinarily nourishing vitamin hand lotion, you can give your hands to a delight while also moisturizing them and making them appear smooth and healthy. It helps to remove grime and dead skin cells from our palms and gives them a healthy glow thanks to its scrubbing qualities.

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Spend money on Hand & Foot Whitening lotion to maintain your well-kept digits. Finally, a remedy for grimy, stained hands and feet can be found by applying one tube of our ointment. As we hydrate and tone your hands, appreciate their inherent attractiveness.

This vitamin hand cream will breathe fresh vitality into your palms. Shea butter and almond oil, which are hydrating ingredients, are abundant in this ointment. Other multivitamins and minerals are also present, which contribute to the hands’ improved appearance. Last but not least, the sea salt in this lotion serves to efficiently scrub the hands, removing dead cells and smoothing them out.

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