Enuroplant Homeopathic Medicine 20ML


بچے کا بستر پر نیند میں پیشاب کرنے کا علاج

Enuroplant For Bed wetting.


Enuroplant Homeopathic Medicine Indications Traditionally used for the treatment of bed-wetting (Enuresis nocturna) and complaints caused by irritations, infections, and inflammations of the urinary bladder.

100 g enuroplant drops contain Plantago major Ø 20 g; Equisetum arvense Ø 20 g; Belladonna 3X 10 g; Pulsatilla 3X 10 g; Excipients Q.S. to 100 g. Ethanol 52 % (V/V).

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Schwabe Germany Enuroplant homeopathic medicine is well known to relieve the symptoms of cystic and related pain and frequent urge to urinate. Treatment of bedwetting (Enuresis nocturna) and related complaints.

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