Dr. Reckeweg R 130 Insulin Drops


Dr. Reckeweg R 130 Insulin Drops – 22 ML

انسولین ڈراپس

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انسولین ڈراپس

Ingredients & Indications

Acid Phos D1: Frequent urination specially at night. Mental and Physical weakness. Cramps on the legs at night.2. Epinephrin (Adrenalin) D6: Angina and High Blood Pressure due to increased level of Sugar.3. Alchemilla Vul D1: Stimulates the malfunctioning liver.4. Allium Sativa D1: Vaso dilator, reduces Cholesterol. Heart Stimulant.5. Arsenic Alb D2: Weakness, increased thirst and restlessness. Affections of the Kidneys, urine contains blood, albumin and pus.6. Insulin D8:The Pancreatic enzyme that restores the ability to oxidize carbohydrates and maintain the blood sugar level.7. Myrtillus •: Urinary infections in Diabetes.8. NuxVomica • : Very irritable, high tempered and sensitive patients, frequent desire to urinate.9. Stigmata • : Decreased urine with blood and phosphates.10. Syzgyium Jamb • : One of the most specific remedy for Diabetes. High Blood Sugar, increased thirst and weakness. Constant Itching and rash over the body.11. Taraxacum D1: Liver enlarged, constipation. Reduced appetite with bitter taste and swellings.


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