Mektum T13 – Amenorrhea & Dysmenorrhea



Mektum T13 – Amenorrhea & Dysmenorrhea

Do you experience excessive menstrual bleeding? Painful menstruation or pain during menstrual periods? The cycle of Amenorrhea and Dysmenorrhea is closely related to the hormonal system. The menstrual cycle is a regular cycle of hormone imbalance, which is controlled by the pituitary gland.

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Have you lost your menstrual cycle? Do you suffer from painful cramps and heavy bleeding? If so, don’t worry, there’s a homeopathic medicine for you! Mektum T13 – Amenorrhea & Dysmenorrhea is an easy-to-take, homeopathic medicine for Amenorrhoea & Dysmenorrhea. It contains 13 ingredients, including the natural hormone Drospirenone. This product is a great choice for women of all ages who want to get their periods back.

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