HR 73 Dr Masood


HR 73 Induces diuresis and promotes the flow of urine.

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HR 73 Dr Masood Induces dieresis and promotes the flow of urine.

In heart and kidney patients reduces heel edema.
Indicated in burning micturition and incontinence of urine.
Effective for bladder stones.
Also regulates the functions of the prostate gland.
Presentation: Bottle of 20 ml.



Diuretics promote the removal from the body of excess water, salts, poisons, and accumulated metabolic products, such as urea. They serve to rid the body of excess fluid (edema) that accumulates in the tissues owing to various disease states.


There are two main types of diuresis: osmotic diuresis and pressure diuresis.

Osmotic diuresis is caused by increased quantity of non-absorbable substances in the blood. These are filtered out by the kidneys and flushed out with water in the body, increasing urine output.
Pressure diuresis is a result of increased arterial pressure. The body resolves to pressure diuresis to maintain blood pressure within the body’s normal range.

Diuresis may be caused by certain medical conditions or by taking medications that increase urine output.


Uncontrolled diabetes causes excess glucose (sugar) to circulate in the bloodstream. When this glucose gets to the kidneys for filtering, it can accumulate and block the reabsorption of water. That can lead to an increase in urine output. Diabetes can also increase thirst, which may cause to drink more.


Diuretics, also called water pills, are medications that help the body expel excess fluid. They are commonly prescribed for conditions like heart failure, chronic kidney disease, and high blood pressure.


Hypercalcemia is a condition in which excess quantity of calcium circulates throughout the body. It’s commonly caused by overactive thyroid glands functions. The kidneys may increase urine output in order to balance calcium levels.


Some food and drinks, such as herbs like parsley dandelion, green and black tea, are natural diuretics. Caffeinated drinks and excessively salty foods can also increase urine output.


Symptoms of diuresis go beyond frequent urination. They also can include:

Thirst, due to loss of fluids
Poor sleep from the frequent need to urinate
Fatigue, caused by loss of essential minerals and electrolytes in urine.

HR 73 Dr Masood Indications:

Patient may suffer from urine disorder due to heart disease, kidney disease and prostatic disease. The common urinary problems are urinary incontinence, urinary tract infection, bladder infection, cystitis, overactive bladder, burning micturation, cystolith, abnormally colored or dark colored urine, bloody urine, difficult urination, interruption of urine stream, pain or discomfort in penis. Masood’s HR 73 is a precious remedy for normal urination. Masood’s HR 73 can help you in urinary tract infection, it cures all the urinary disorders and helps to maintain a healthy urinary tract.


HR 73 is used as astringent, tonic, of great use in kidney diseases, strangury, catarrh of the bladder, and a good cure for ascites. It is said to diminish lithic acid in the urine; for dropsy and is useful diuretic.

HR 73 is a source of flavonoid, and antioxidants (especially luteolin), apigenin, folic acid, vitamin K, vitamin C, and vitamin A. As a powerful diuretic, it can be an excellent adjunct to therapies related to urinary discomfort, kidney and bladder stones and urinary infections.

HR 73 stimulates the muscles of the heart, thereby increasing cardiac contractility, and causes contraction of the smaller arteries throughout the whole body, Dieresis is increased, probably by its action on the renal circulation.

HR 73’s anti-microbial and diuretic dual actions are due to its arbutin content. It can be very effective against urinary tract infections and complaints.

HR 73 is used to disinfect the urinary tract during infections of the bladder, Buchu is strong stimulant, diuretic and antiseptic properties due to the presence of diosphenol and barbarous camphor, thus increase perspiration and decrease water retention. The chief use of HR 73 is as an adjutant to diuretics in dropsy depending on heart, liver or kidney disease.

HR 73 stimulates the urinary tract system, which has a cleansing effect on the body. This will help reduce swelling from water retention and also eliminate excessive sodium levels and stimulate proper blood circulation.


Each 1ml contains:

Adonis Ver 3D 30% v/v
Buchu 3D 10% v/v
Chimaphila Umb 1D 10% v/v
Cubeba Off 1D 15% v/v
Juniperus Com 1D 10% v/v
Petroselinium Crisp 3D 15% v/v
Uva Ursi 1D 10% v/v
With excipients q.s.

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HR 73 Dr Masood Formula with properties:

Adonis Ver 3D: Oily pellicle on urine. Scanty, albuminous.

Buchu 3D: Acts especially in genital organs. Pressure in bladder. Catarrh in bladder. Prostrate and its associated symptoms and stone.

Chimaphila Umb 1D: Urine turbid, offensive, containing ropy or bloody mucus. Burning and Scanty urine. Acute prostatitis. Micturition straining afterwards. Sugar in urine.

Cubeba Off 1D: Urethritis, with much mucus, especially in women. Cutting after urination, with constriction. Prostatitis, with thick yellow discharge.

Juniperus Com 1D: Catarrhal inflammation of kidneys. Strangury; bloody, scanty, dribbling urine, violet odor. Renal hyperaemia. Inflammation of kidneys.

Petroselinium Crisp 3D: Burning, tingling, from perineum throughout whole urethra; sudden urging, to urinate; frequent, voluptuous tickling in fossa navicularis. Piles with much itching.

Uva Ursi 1D: Cystitis, with bloody urine. Burning urination, pus, and much tenacious mucus, with clots in large masses. Frequent urging for urination. Involuntary urination.

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