Habb e Jawahir


Effective anti-diarrhoeal to control frequency of loose motion. Relieves abdominal cramps.


Habb e Jawahir Condition of diarrhea may affect any age group but infants and children are especially prone to suffer easily from this condition because of Rotavirus infection. The patient passes loose stools accompanied with severe occasional griping.

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Frequent loose motions result in dehydration and loss of electrolytes. Because of weakness, eyes feel sunken in the sockets. This condition may prove fatal if not treated timely. Repetition of this disorder may affect the mental and physical growth in infants and children.

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Isshaleen is an effective palatable natural ingredients based syrup, especially formulated to provide relief from non-specific and specific diarrhea associated with enteric infections.

Mentha arvensis: It helps and relieves stomachache and also acts as anti-flatulent.

Myrtus communis: It acts as antidiarrhoeal and antidysenteric.

Phyllanthus emblica: It is astringent, useful in diarrhoea, also acts as exhilarant.

Althaea officinalis: It helps and acts as antidiarrhoeal and antidysenteric.

Curcuma caesia: It helps in strengthening the stomach and liver, also acts as carminative and anti-flatulent.

Zingiber officinalis: It is digestive, carminative and anti-flatulent. It is a useful stimulant for gastro-intestinal tract especially of stomach.

Diarrhea (of non-specific or specific origin).

Habb e Jawahir Dosage:
0 to 6 months:½ teaspoon four times a day.

6 months to 1 year:1 teaspoonful four times a day.

1 to 3 years:2 teaspoonfuls four times a day.

4 to 10 years:3 teaspoonfuls four times a day

4 teaspoonfuls four times a day or as directed by the physician.

PET bottle of 120 ml.

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