Dr. Reckeweg R52 Vomisan Vomiting Drops


Dr. Reckeweg R 52 Vomiting Nausea Travel Sickness – 22 ML

سمندری یا ہوایی سفر میں متلی قے اور چکر کی دوا

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سمندری یا ہوایی سفر میں متلی قے اور چکر کی دوا

Indications: Nausea, sickly feeling (e.g. when driving or flying), sea-sickness, nausea in pregnancy (soothing effect). Nausea as the effect of other disorders, weakness of conduction, gastric catarrh, nausea of children (atrophy and dystrophy). Acaetonemic vomiting of sucklings and children. Vomiting on rising and gastric catarrh of heavy drinkers. Cold perspiration and nausea especially in weakness of the conduction and prior to biliary colic. Complementary remedy in renal colic with vomiting, in cysts of the ovaries with vomiting, in intestinal spasms and colic, in meteorism with nausea and vomiting.


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