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Actaea Spicata Materia Medica

Actaea Spicata

Actaea Spicata Is a rheumatic remedy, especially of the small joints; tearing, tingling pains characterize it. Wrist-rheumatism. Pulsations over whole body, especially liver and renal region. Cardiovascular spasm. Pains worse from touch and motion.

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Aconitum Napellus – MATERIA MEDICA


Aconitum Napellus A state of fear, anxiety; anguish of mind and body. Physical and mental restlessness, fright, is the most characteristic manifestation of Aconite. Acute, sudden, and violent invasion, with fever, call for it. Does not want to be touched. Sudden and great sinking of strength.

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Aceticum Acidum

Aceticum Acidum This drug produces a condition of profound anæmia, with some dropsical symptoms, great debility, frequent fainting, dyspnœa, weak heart, vomiting, profuse urination and sweat.

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Acalypha indica Homeopathic Medicine

Acalypha indica Homeopathic Medicine

Acalypha indica Homeopathic Medicine A drug having a marked action on the alimentary canal and respiratory organs. It is indicated in incipient phthisis, with hard, racking cough, bloody expectoration, arterial hćmorrhage, but no febrile disturbance. Very weak in the morning, gains strength during day. Progressive emaciation. All pathological hćmorrhages having notably a morning aggravation.

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Absinthium Homeopathic Medicine

Absinthium Homeopathic Medicine

Absinthium Homeopathic Medicine A perfect picture of epileptiform seizure is produced by this drug. Nervous tremors precede attacks. Sudden and severe giddiness, delirium with hallucinations and loss of consciousness. Nervous excitement and sleeplessness. Cerebral irritation, hysterical and infantile spasms come within range of this remedy. Poisoning by mushrooms. Chorea. Tremor. Nervousness, excitement, and sleeplessness in children.

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Abrotanum Homeopathic Medicine MATERIA MEDICA

Abrotanum Homeopathic Medicine

Abrotanum Homeopathic Medicine A very useful remedy in marasmus, especially of lower extremities only, yet with good appetite. Metastasis. Rheumatism following checked diarrhśa. Ill effects of suppressed conditions especially in gouty subjects. Tuberculous peritonitis. Exudative pleurisy and other exudative processes. After operation upon the chest for hydrothorax or empyćmia, a pressing sensation remains. Aggravation of hćmorrhoids when rheumatism improves. Nosebleed and hydrocele in boys.

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Abrus Precatorius Homeopathic Medicine

Abrus Precatorius MATERIA MEDICA

Abrus Precatorius Epithelioma, lupus, ulcers, granular lids.

Eyes.–Purulent conjunctivitis; inflammation spreads to face and neck. Granular ophthalmia. Keratitis.

Relationship.–Compare: Jequiritol (in cases of trachoma and pannus to engraft a new purulent inflammation. The proteid poisons contained in Jequirity seeds are almost identical in their physiological and toxic properties with the similar principles found in snake venom).

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ABIES NIGRA Homeopathic Medicine – Black Spruce

ABIES NIGRA Homeopathic Medicine

ABIES NIGRA A powerful and long-acting remedy, in various forms of the disease, whenever the characteristic stomach symptoms are present. Most of the symptoms are associated with gastric disturbances. In dyspeptic troubles of the aged, with functional heart symptoms; also after tea or tobacco. Constipation. Pain in external meatus.

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ABIES CANADENSIS Mucous membranes are affected by Abies can and gastric symptoms are most marked, and a catarrhal condition of the stomach is produced.

There are peculiar cravings and chilly sensations that are very characteristic, especially for women with uterine displacement, probably due to defective nutrition with debility.